Best Of C626

implantation Best Of C626

6 5 6 6.76 3500, 3650, 4250
2.3L 130 CH / 96Kw

Advantages Best Of C626

  • sleeps six
  • Full-length bunks
  • Panoramic skylight
  • Wide track rear axle
  • Maxi refrigerator

Discover the characteristics of BEST OF C626

Best Of C626


5-years warranty
Polyester coachwork
Polyester anti-hail roof 54mm
Floor, 63 mm thick
Recessed entrance steps
Interior lighting 100% L.E.D spotlights
Awning lighting L.E.D
Kitchen drawers with self closing and soundless system
Stiff shower doors
Factory fitted cross-bar for bike-rack
Double-glazing windows


Special motorhome chassis
Airbag conducteur
Ignition interlock system
Wide track rear axle
Cab seats with double armrest
Driver + Passenger seats adjustable for height
Engine 130PS


Central locking Cab/Cell
On the road heating
Adjustable head restraints
Adjustable panoramic passenger seats with 3 points belts
L-shaped lounge


Color coded front bumper