For the garage

  • Garage with non-skid flooring + storage + light
  • Two garage gates included systematically
  • Easy Bed system for adjusting bed height on most models
  • Storage bin lighting = wireless portable LED lamp (WELCOME/SWEET)

For everything that is never an option

  • 140 cm roof bed for two
  • Overcab bed with 155 cm width, thermoformed storage elements, individual lighting
  • Electrically controlled telescopic stand (T SYSTEM) on central tables (except Integrals)
  • Dinettes can be changed into bedding
  • Maxi refrigerator on larger models 100% LED inside lighting
  • Panoramic skylight
  • Cab roof window can be opened (WELCOME and SWEET)
  • Ventilator/extractor skylight (WELCOME and SWEET)
  • Exterior lighting (WELCOME and SWEET)
  • Backup radar (WELCOME and SWEET)

For everything you can’t see

  • LED lighting to save energy
  • Heating adapted to model size
  • On-road heating for passenger comfort
  • 2 loudspeakers in the unit

For the preinstallations

  • LCD TV stand
  • Bike carrier bar
  • One or two TV/12V/220V/Antenna preinstallations
  • Preinstallation radio + loudspeakers
  • Preinstallation of motorcycle attachments (depending on model)
  • Oven preinstallation (depending on model)
  • Solar panel preinstallation (depending on model)

For the bathroom

  • Showers equipped with a sliding door, never with a cheap plastic curtain
  • Bathroom with double ventilation: Window + skylight on most models
  • Double bonded shower stall on most models
  • Pull-down towel rack on skylight

For the design

  • Thickness of floorboard and roof
  • Polyester body
  • Double windows on all lines and SEITZ windows on high-end

For the brand

  • A great brand from a great group : TRIGANO
  • A quarter-century of know-how
  • Well-adapted production units

For the future

  • Resales value
  • Service and after-sales
  • Five-year water tightness warranty
  • A vast network of dealers to serve you in Europe

For the chassis and engine

  • Wide track rear axle (except twin wheels)
  • Double airbag
  • Electric de-icer rearview mirrors
  • De-icer front window and cruise control (Ford)
  • Cab seats with double armrests
  • Covers on cab seats (WELCOME and SWEET)

And of course…for the PRICE!