Advantages C626

  • Panoramic skylight
  • Wide track rear axle
  • sleeps six
  • Full-length bunks
  • Maxi refrigerator
2.2L 125 CH / 92Kw
2.2L 155 CH / 114Kw
6 5 6 6.79 3500, 4100
Illustration C626

Discover the characteristics of C626

An incomparable family overcab
This has been Chausson’s top-selling overcab layout since 2005. More storage space and a roomier living area for a family of four to six, all in under seven meters: two beddings in the overcab, a pretty dinette which can become two beds and two wide bunk beds in the rear, one of which lifts to open a spacious baggage compartment.


5-years warranty
de série
Polyester coachwork
de série
Polyester reinforced roof
de série
Floor, 63 mm thick
de série
Interior lighting 100% L.E.D spotlights
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Pre-wired backup camera


Special motorhome chassis
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Driver air bag
de série
Passenger air bag
de série
Ignition interlock system
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Wide track rear axle
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Electric, de-icing rearview mirrors
Passenger seat adjustable for height
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16" Steel wheels
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Radio MP3/USB/Bluetooth/2LS with steering wheel control
Panoramic skylight 700X500 SEITZ
Adjustable head restraints
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TV fixed braket
TV preparation 12V/230V
Dining area converts into extra sleeping
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USB socket
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2 loudspeakers living units


Color wide side protections body (cabin)

Weight empty in running order: Standard vehicle
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Homologation to be confirmed