A century-old brand and
a camper manufacturer for over 40 years!

1903: Founding of CHAUSSON

The company manufactured radiators, reservoirs and automobile bodies in the Paris area.

1942-1959: Manufacture of CHAUSSON buses

Following World War II, most French schoolchildren were transported in CHAUSSON buses; today, many of them are camper fans.

1980: CHAUSSON begins the manufacture of fitted vans

The ODYSSEE 4000 is presented at the Paris Automobile Show.

1984: First overcabs, the ACAPULCO 44 and 56

CHAUSSON is the first car manufacturer to “”dare”” WHITE bodywork and success is immediate.

1990: Founding of the Camping-cars CHAUSSON Company

TRIGANO acquires a 49% stake in the company.

1994: TRIGANO acquires 100% of Camping-cars CHAUSSON

A new product and sales policy is implemented; this centered on the “”right price”” approach, which is still valid today. The goal is to promote usefulness over excess and find the right balance between equipment and price.

1995: CHAUSSON makes campers available to a larger audience by offering a limited series of “”Welcome”” overcabs

with prices starting at 177,900 French francs (around €27,000).

1997: After the entry-level overcab, CHAUSSON inaugurates the low profile basic equipment camper by creating the WELCOME 70.

This was a best seller for many years and today over 3000 of these vehicles travel the highways. Still very much appreciated, the Welcome 70 has become a reference on the market for second-hand campers.

1998: Birth of ALLEGRO, the high-end low profile camper

Its double-layered polyester roof and original design soon made it a popular low profile reference in Europe. It received an award from the Observatoire du Design in 2002.

2000: Introduction of a compact low profile family camper, a CHAUSSON groundbreaker

Presentation of the Welcome 60, a low profile less than 6 m long, with basic equipment, bunk beds in the rear and a roof bed in front.

2002: TRIGANO VDL focuses on continuous improvement and long-lasting vehicle quality and obtains ISO 9001 quality certification.

Today, the company continues its efforts to maintain this prestigious label and ensure the high quality that CHAUSSON customers have a right to expect.

2005: New FLASH line, back to a favorite.

CHAUSSON reinvents the basic equipment camper and offers two spring models: an overcab and a low profile. They sold out in two weeks. Today, the full FLASH line is a real favorite of camping car fans.

2009: WELCOME SUITE, a revolutionary layout

This is how the European press described the vehicle. The Welcome SWEET is the first low profile compact (5.99 m) to offer a central kitchen along with an electrically controlled double bed and an immense bathroom. As a result of its success throughout Europe, SWEET became a full line in 2010.

2010: The SWEET receives a European Design Award.

This prize honors major innovations in the camping-caravaning area. It is awarded by a jury composed of representatives of 12 European magazines specialized in recreational vehicles.

2011 : Presentation of the FLASH 10 on FORD

a mini low-profile ideal for two: in less than six meters, there is a maxi lounge area (for up to seven!), a maxi refrigerator (145 L), a maxi bathroom and a two-position electric roof bed, all at a FLASH price. An immediate success throughout Europe, the FLASH 10 is elected compact of the year in England.


CHAUSSON presents the integral camper at an affordable price and previews the EXALTIS I-778 at the Paris-Le Bourget show. fter this successful launch, EXALTIS becomes a separate line the following year with three models featuring an identical front area and independent shower. The rear sleeping area offers three variations: I-774 with a spacious garage, I-777 with twin beds and I-778 with a central bed.

2012: The SWEET

camper with the highly innovative PANORAMIC SYSTEM makes its market debut
This system, which opens a panoramic vista on the left side of the camper, won a Caravaning Design Award at DUSSELDORF.

2013: Launch of the WELCOME 69

with a layout which is unique on the market: In a low-profile camper (with a roof bed) under seven meters, CHAUSSON combines a “French-style” bed with a comfortable independent shower without reducing the roominess of the lounge or kitchen areas.
The enthusiasm for this new model in the fall shows encourages CHAUSSON to include this layout in the TITANIUM limited series in the spring of 2013.

Summer 2013: CHAUSSON launches BEST OF

a limited series gathering the bestseller layouts on Ford, overquipment for an accessible price.
This is such a success that CHAUSSON has to refuse orders and declares the serie out of sale after a few weeks.

Summer 2014: Both FIAT and FORD

present there new chassis: CHAUSSON is the first manufacturer to offer the choice between the two brands on every low profiles.

December 2014

610 Flash is rewarded ‘motorhome of the year’ in the UK. This model, unique on the market and bestseller, offers in less than 6,7 m a huge dressing and a multifunction garage that can host scooter or bikes, kitesurf board, golf clubs, fishing rods… It even has a plug for electric bikes!

Summer 2015

New IRP manufacturing process ensuring more insulation, resistance and protection: CHAUSSON is so sure of its technology that we offer 7-year watertightness warranty (subject to annual control).
So as to make an impact, CHAUSSON proves the sturdiness of its structuring putting a vehicle on the top of a low profile. A performance realized with no faking, certified by a bailiff onsite.

Summer 2016

Spirit of innovation is attested by 2 low profiles unique on the market:

  • 611 is not a classic motorhome: Outside, 4 entrance doors (2 for the cell + 2 for the cab). Inside, 4 automotive seats, a huge « U-shape » lounge and 2 electric hideaway beds (4 beddings): the year after the range is extended with the 711 Travel Line.
  • 630 is a unique layout with twin beds that lift up to the roof to offer a maxi-lounge. Inspired by 610, the concept allows to have a huge area in less than 7 m: i twill soon become a best-seller, particularly in Northern Europe..

Summer 2017

640 is the 1st motorhome to offer a maxi face-to-face lounge and a 160 cm width hideaway bed! Success is instantaneous and, it is unique in CHAUSSON story, it becomes best-seller in EVERY European countries. It is multi-rewarded whose the famous « European innovation award » trophy in January 2019.
The same year saw the creation of the 716, a true family low profile providing a children’s area in the rear with a bunk bed with two levels… and can be folded down!


Spring 2018

CHAUSSON « shakens the market » launching TITANIUM, a special series on FORD with automatic gear box: success is immediate: TITANIUM is launched from the next year all over Europe.

Summer 2018

After been tested in some countries during spring, launch of 634, a unique compact family low profile: an association of tricks to offer 5 seats and beds and many storage in less than 6,4 m!



The EASYBOX design was invented to create more storage space:

  • On the inside, this solution offers significant extra space and storage areas, which are easy to access and each with a capacity of around 50L.
  • On the outside, this method makes it easy to adjust the garage height to store larger objects such as mopeds or bicycles.


Another innovation from Chausson! With the 778 low profile, Chausson invented the first low profile with a bathroom like the one at home:

  • During the day, this vehicle has a bathroom area, with a double basin sink overlooked by a large mirror.
  • At night, prioritise comfort with a central fold-down bed.



On 21 January 2021, Chausson invented a new category of recreational vehicles. Chausson invented the X550, a van – motorhome combination

The X is neither a van nor a motorhome: CHAUSSON has invented a new generation of vehicles combining the agility of a van with low profile comfort. Compact on the outside, spacious on the inside…



CHAUSSON invented the 660, the only motorhome with 2 entrance doors, a wall divider in the kitchen, a modular lounge and a multifunctional garage

During the past fourty years, CHAUSSON has also proposed an LPG carrier, double flooring, a low profile with a fold-away bed and an integral.

During your vacation, you’ll be certain to cross the path one of the 45,000 vehicles that have built the CHAUSSON reputation.

With this exceptional background and one of the most modern production units in Europe, CHAUSSON joins camper fans and company dealers throughout Europe in looking toward the future with confidence, enthusiasm and passion.