Chausson Vans:

The ultra-compacts

Perfect for going where you want, when you want, including in your everyday life


+ Vans

point fort modularité lit de pavillon Modularité
point fort compacité Compacité
Couchages : 2 à 5 places
idéal pour un couple ou une famille Idéal pour : un couple ou une famille

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The Advantages of a Van

Are you looking for a new way to live your road adventures? Converted vans and campervans are perfect options for those who love freedom and adventure! These versatile vehicles offer many advantages for travelers, professionals, and nature lovers.

Converted vans and campervans allow you to travel autonomously, experience new things, and adapt to any situation. They offer you the flexibility to go where you please, stop where you want, and discover unusual places. You can explore mountain trails, wild beaches, or country roads, without being tied to imposed schedules or itineraries.

Converted vans and campervans are also equipped with all the comfort you need for peaceful nights in the great outdoors. With comfortable beds, equipped kitchens, a pleasant living space, and toilets, you can forget about traditional hotels and campsites.

Chausson Vans strengths

  • Traction +
  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Solar panel
  • Exterior awning
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Electric step
  • Swivel seats in the cab, with double armrests and adjustable height
  • Bathroom with window
  • Panoramic skylight
  • Dining area table extension
  • 100% LED lighting
  • USB ports
  • Engine 140 HP
  • Electric step
  • Lighting on the outside
  • VPS insulation
  • VIP outside decoration
  • Maxi cab provides generous living space
  • Cab seat covers with matching cushions
  • Heating using vehicle fuel digitally programmed and used while on the road
  • Large sliding kitchen drawers
  • Flyscreen door
  • Bathroom with folding partition
  • Coded front bumper
  • "Cornering" Fog lights (the fog lights automatically turn when turning)
  • Leather-encased steering wheel and gearshift
  • Wraparound cab blinds
  • Flat windows
  • Premium outside decoration
  • Bedsystem (depending on model)
  • Extra LED lighting
  • Wooden shower duck board
  • Premium kitchen countertop
  • Premium furniture and fabrics
  • Automatic gear box
  • Alloy wheels
  • Exterior awning
  • Solar panel
  • Driver and passenger airbag
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Manual cab air conditioning
  • Flyscreen door
  • Panoramic skylight
  • Cab seat covers with matching cushions
  • Heating using vehicle fuel used while on the road.
  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Traction +
  • Colour coded front bumper
  • Black front grill and bezel lamps
  • Electric rear-view mirrors
  • 140 HP engine
  • LED day running lights
  • Wraparound cab blinds
  • Maxi cab
  • Flyscreen door
  • Seat covers
  • Air conditioning
  • Oven

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*Option: Dining area convertible in extra spare bed