With IRP, Chausson is true to its goal of high-quality manufacturing.
Whether the version is Flash or Welcome, our structures are all madewith the same high standard of quality.

IRP is a major innovation that provides better insulation, greater resistance and improved protection.

Just have a look at the core of our manufacturing secrets…

Better insulation relies on a combination of technologies that ensure well-being

  • XPS insulation, an extra-firm foam with high sound and thermal insulating power.
  • Specially designed floor and roof thickness for insulation that exceeds the usual norms.

For better resistance, a reinforced structure

  • Protective polyester (GRP) skin,,

    provides greater resistance to scratches, minor impacts, gravel, hydrocarbons, ultraviolet radiation and bad weather in general.

  • Extra-thick floor and roof,

    among the best on the market, offering greater resistance to loads and limiting deformation over time.

  • High-performance wood and composite combination,

    reinforces the structure of our walls and floors by combining composite longevity with the exceptional sturdiness of solid wood.

  • A water-tight shield,

    all materials in contact with the exterior are rot-resistant and insensitive to humidity. On the inside, we prefer high-quality wood.

N.B.: because of its particular shape, the roof of our overcabs uses a specific technology.

No compromises means peace of mind and better protection

  • Against leaks because of our rot-resistant materials and wide aluminum profiles that are glued on instead of drilled.
  • Against storms because of the polyester (GRP) covering that limits damage from hail (on the roof and walls) or salt (under the floor).
  • Against heat, cold and noise because of polyester (GRP) and a rarely matched insulation thickness.

Proof of our confidence: a seven-year warranty

For 40 years, our goal has been to continually improve comfort and durability; we are convinced of the effectiveness of our technical choices and manufacturing processes.

Standing behind our convictions, we offer you a seven-year warranty on water-tightness, subject to an annual check-up by a certified member of our network.