Titanium 610

implantation Titanium 610

4 4/5 4 6.67 3500, 3650
2.3L 130 CH / 96Kw
2.3L 150 CH / 109Kw

Advantages Titanium 610

  • Maxi refrigerator
  • Maxi bathroom
  • Less than 7 m long
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • Multifunction garage
Illustration Titanium 610

Discover the characteristics of TITANIUM 610

Titanium 610 – Limited Edition


5-years warranty
Polyester coachwork
Polyester anti-hail roof 54mm
Floor, 63 mm thick
Recessed entrance steps
Interior lighting 100% L.E.D spotlights
Awning lighting L.E.D
Kitchen drawers with self closing and soundless system
Stiff shower doors
Double-glazing windows
Pre-wired radio + LS (cab)


Special motorhome chassis
Driver + Passenger air bag
Ignition interlock system
Wide track rear axle
Electric, de-icing rearview mirrors
Cab seats with double armrest
Driver + Passenger seats adjustable for height
Integrated antenna in rear view mirrors


Radio with integrated CD player-Steering wheel control
Heated windscreen
Cab doors central locking
Opening cab panoramic skyroof
Panoramic skylight
Powerful 6000 W heating
On the road heating
Adjustable head restraints
TV preparation
Adjustable panoramic passenger seats with 3 points belts
L-shaped lounge
Indirect lighting under kitchen
Atmosphere leds lighting on floor
Passenger seat reading light


Exclusive design
Parois latérales en polyester teinté "gris/Taupe"
Color coded front bumper
Tableau de bord TECHNO (Inserts Aluminium)
2 colors overhead lockers
Entrance Cloakroom
Cab seat covers
Lighted midway panel in Kitchen