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Bon appétit, en Chausson

CHAUSSON is a leading brand of motorhomes manufactured in France.
As you can well imagine, motorhomes and gastronomy have always been symbols of enjoyment for us.
Look in each month on “”Bon Appétit with CHAUSSON”” and learn how you can cook in a CHAUSSON motorhome by discovering French cuisine that’s simple, easy to prepare, authentic and tasty.
We’ve looked for recipes that are easy to make without an oven, featuring easy-to-find ingredients from French and most European markets.
Chef Alexandre Lecomte will guide you in creating mouth-watering dishes, with or without a motorhome!

Today, the chef suggests…

 #5 “Creole” -style bananas with speculoos – Bon Appétit with Chausson


For the “creole”-style banana recipe we need:

✔ Two bananas
✔ Two limes
✔ One package of speculoos cookies
✔ 80 gr brown sugar
✔ Two anise stars
✔ One cinnamon stick and vanilla
✔ 150 gr butter
✔ Fresh mint
✔ 20 cl water
✔ 150 gr green grapes
✔ 150 gr raisins

► Slice the bananas in two.
► Squeeze the lime juice.
► Remove the mint leaves from their stem.
► Melt the butter and add the bananas on the fleshy side.
► Add the spices and raisins.
► Add the brown sugar.
► Add the mint.
► Turn the bananas and add the lime juice.
► Crumble the speculoos cookies.

🍷 Our “creole” bananas can be enjoyed with a Clairette de Die to add some sparkle to this dessert.

🍴 Bon Appétit with Chausson 🍴

 #4 Crispy wok-fried vegetables – Bon Appétit with Chausson

Cooking time: 20 min – For four

✔ Two carrots
✔ One zucchini
✔ One celery stalk
✔ Red, green and yellow peppers, one each
✔ 1/4 of a cauliflower head
✔ One white onion
✔ Two Granny Smith apples
✔ One lemon
✔ 200 gr green beans
✔ One container of cherry tomatoes
✔ 30 cl olive oil
✔ Salt and pepper
✔ One teaspoon pink peppercorns
✔ One teaspoon coriander seeds

► Slice all fruits and vegetables except the lemon.
► Cut the carrots into thin strips.
► Separate the cauliflower flowerets.
► Squeeze the lemon.
► Pour the olive oil into a preheated wok.
► First brown the onions, and then the vegetables.
► At the end of cooking, add the cherry tomatoes and apples.
► Salt, pepper and at the end of cooking.
► Add the coriander and pink peppercorns.
► Finally, add the lemon juice to heighten taste.
► Your wok-fried meal is ready to enjoy.

🍷 To accompany the vegetables, I suggest a white Saint Joseph, a well-known Rhône Valley wine made from Roussanne and Marsanne grapes.

🍴 Bon Appétit with Chausson 🍴

#3 Salmon fried on one side, with risotto and fresh herbs

Salmon fried on one side, with risotto and fresh herbs

Cooking time: 20 min – For four

✔ 20 cl olive oil
✔ 400 gr Arborio or Carnaroli rice
✔ 30 cl white wine
✔ 200 gr cream of mascarpone
✔ 100 gr grated Parmesan cheese
✔ Two poultry-flavor bouillon cubes
✔ 700 gr fresh salmon
✔ Fresh herbs: basil, chervil and chives
✔ Salt, pepper, Guérande salt

► Dissolve the cubes to make a bouillon.
► Pour in the olive oil.
► Add the rice slowly so that it takes on a sheen and becomes transparent.
► Add the white wine.
► When the white wine has evaporated, add a first ladle full of chicken broth.
► Repeat three times until all the water has been absorbed.
► Chop the herbs.
► In a hot pan with oil, fry the salmon steaks on the skin side.
► Sprinkle with salt.
► When the rice has absorbed all the bouillon, add the mascarpone.
► Add the herbs at the end, along with the Parmesan shavings.
Prepare for presentation.
► Our risotto with fresh herbs and salmon is ready.


🍷 We’ll serve it with Saint Peray, a white wine from the Rhône Valley made using Marsanne and Roussane grapes.

🍴 Bon Appétit with Chausson 🍴

#2 Duck breast with sautéed parsleyed potatoes

Duck breast with sautéed parsleyed potatoes .

Cooking time: 20 min – For four

✔ two duck breasts (maigret)
✔ 500 g of amandine potatoes
✔ one bunch of curly parsley
✔ one garlic clove
✔ Two eggplants
✔ Table salt and pepper
✔ Guérande salt

► Fry the duck breasts on the skin side in a hot pan, without added oil.
► For seasoning, use Guérande salt,
► Fry well on the skin side, letting the duck fat accumulate.
► Wash the potatoes without peeling them.
► For the parsleyed potatoes: Start by peeling the garlic. Chop the top of the parsley bunch. Add the garlic cloves.
► After about five minutes, stir.
► We use the duck fat to brown the potatoes.
► Add the garlic a few minutes before the end of cooking,
then add the curly parsley and the duck breasts to warm them.


🍷 For a wine to accompany our dish, I suggest a red Saint Joseph wine, a Syrah variety grown in the Ardèche region.

🍴 Bon Appétit with Chausson 🍴

#1 Veal sauté à la provençale

Veal sauté à la provençale.

Cooking time: 40 min – For four

✔ 800 gr cushion of veal
✔ Two red onions
✔ One garlic head
✔ Three zucchini
✔ Two eggplants
✔ 100 gr pitted black olives
✔ 100 gr butter
✔ Two tablespoons tomato concentrate
✔ Flour
✔ Salt and white pepper
✔ 50 cl dry white wine
✔ One container of cherry tomatoes
✔ 50 cl water

► Peel and chop the red onions.
► Separate the garlic cloves, keeping their skin.
► Heat the butter.
► Add the meat and salt and pepper it.
► Add the garlic cloves.
► Dice the zucchini and eggplant.
► Mix in the onions.
► Add the tomato concentrate.
► Lightly flour the meat to thicken the sauce.
► Deglaze with the white wine.
► When the white wine has boiled down, add the water.
► Halfway through cooking time (20/25 min), add the vegetables and let simmer for 20 min.
► Five minutes before cooking is finished, add the cherry tomatoes and black olives.
► Stir well and cook for five more minutes.
► Your veal sauté à la provençale is ready to eat.


🍷 We suggest a Crozes-Hermitage made with Syrah grapes, a very good wine from the Rhône Valley.

🍴 Bon Appétit with Chausson 🍴